A high-tech hub – What’s that exactly?

We hear this question frequently. Is it a business park or a company in its own right? Is it a public or a private entity?

The answer is really a little bit of all of the above.

Our definition

A high-tech hub is an accredited science and technology park which has to meet a very precise set of requirements ensuring it meets set standards with regard to the quality of support and advice it offers before it moves onto a permanent site (serving a département or even a région).

In essence, the site should have these facilities:

  • A training centre
  • A tech resources hub
  • A business centre
  • A business incubator

This creates really optimal conditions for businesses wanting to establish themselves as an integral part of the local economic fabric.

Agropole is a unique example of such a hub as it specializes in the agri-food sector, boasting a team of experts to help you in areas like test & learn, rapid prototyping, go-to-market strategies, communication, how to scale-up, sensory analysis, industrial processes & recipes, CSR, fundraising, crowdfunding, etc.

A high-tech hub is a centre for strong economic growth which is very successful at attracting both financial investment and human capital, thus facilitating optimal progress on innovative, cutting-edge projects.

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