Agrotec is Agropole’s technical and scientific section.

It’s a tech resources hub possessing all the tools you need to design, develop and improve your products and processes.

Sensory analysis
Have your products tested by a panel of over 3,000 consumers (non-experts) (children, teenagers and adults). This will help you position your products in relation to the competition, to find out if consumers enjoy them and if they notice their qualities and selling points.

The best judge of your product, will, when all is said and done, be the end consumer.
The lab
A concrete example can be worth a thousand words: if you have a family recipe that’s been handed down to you or are an entrepreneur with a clearly-defined product idea you want to bring to the market, you have to be able to develop it so that it can be mass produced.

This can encompass getting the portion size just right, recreating the original taste whilst reducing the fat content, integrating a specific product etc. 
All of these issues can hinder the development of your project and this is where we come in.

Our project managers will advise you on the challenges you’re facing, enabling your product to become a reality.
Technical support
Having the equipment you need to make your recipe is not always plain sailing. It comes at a financial cost which you may not be able to meet at the very early stages of a business venture or which may not be viable in the case of limited production runs.

This is why Agrotec offers you technical support in the shape of a range of industrial food processing machines to create your own customized production line for a day, a week etc.

We have a wide variety of expertise and we take a tailored approach to all your projects.

  • Product innovation & manufacturing process development
  • Sensory analysis & marketing research
  • Personalized training of team members
  • Quality control & Future-proofing
  • Development of plant-based by-products
  • Research

Everything is here to help you ideate, design, test and mass-produce your projects.

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