Right at the heart of the high-tech hub you can find a co-working space that’s a little bit different.

Discover a vibrant place where you can be sure to find a positive, modern work environment within easy reach of a range of amenities.

This space is designed to really encourage networking and to make it easy for professionals to meet.
It comprises a large open space area, two fully equipped meeting rooms and free coffee!

The concept revolves around providing a pleasant, unfussy environment where you can work at the heart of the high-tech hub, right beside a wide range of actors who devote each day to staying at the cutting-edge of agri-food innovation.

It’s extremely simple, with competitive prices and different offers to fit your needs.
120€ incl. VAT per person
200€ incl. VAT per person

Monthly subscription

The ultra-efficient reception team at the Agropole will be delighted to answer any questions you may have: